AMAZON PRIME会员 海量游戏免费玩 (已过期)
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Try some new games with a new month of freebies from, where nine PC games are available for free with Prime Gaming in February 2023.

Amazon Prime is required to claim free games through Prime Gaming and
we’ve listed this month’s lineup below – note that availability will be
staggered throughout the month instead of being available all at once.

  • February 2 – Onsen Master

  • February 2 – The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

  • February 9 – Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

  • February 9 – Divine Knockout

  • February 16 – BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad

  • February 16 – One Hand Clapping

  • February 23 – Space Crew: Legendary Edition

  • February 23 – Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

  • February 23 – Tunche

Simply visit Prime Gaming and click Games with Prime to claim each game once live. All free games are redeemable via the Amazon Games app
on Windows, unless otherwise noted. Prime Gaming (previously Twitch
Prime) is included with all Amazon Prime memberships with perks like
free monthly games, in-game loot, exclusive discounts and more.

These Prime Gaming titles are available until February 28 and all
games are accessible through Prime Gaming forever (even if you cancel
Amazon Prime), as long as you add them to your library before the
monthly deadline.

Amazon Prime Gaming January 2023 Free Games

  • Beat Cop (redeemable via

  • Breathedge

  • Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

  • Dishonored 2 (redeemable via

  • Faraway 2: Jungle Escape

  • Lawn Mowing Simulator

  • The Evil Within 2 (redeemable via

Amazon Prime Gaming December 2022 Free Games

  • Banners of Ruin

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  • Desert Child

  • Doors: Paradox

  • Quake (redeemable via Epic Games)

  • Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow (redeemable via Legacy Games)

  • Spinch

  • The Amazing American Circus

Amazon Prime Gaming November 2022 Free Games

Amazon Prime Gaming October 2022 Free Games

Amazon Prime Gaming September 2022 Free Games

Amazon Prime Gaming August 2022 Free Games

Amazon Prime Gaming July 2022 Free Games

  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

  • Fishing: North Atlantic

  • Manic Mansion

  • Suzerain

Amazon Prime Gaming June 2022 Free Games

  • Across the Grooves

  • Astrologaster

  • Calico

  • Escape from Monkey Island

  • Far Cry 4 (redeemable via Ubisoft Connect)

  • WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

Amazon Prime Gaming May 2022 Free Games

  • Cat Quest

  • Dead Space 2 (redeemable via Origin)

  • Mail Mole   ‘Xpress Deliveries

  • Out of Line

  • Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

  • The Curse of Monkey Island

Amazon Prime Gaming April 2022 Free Games

Amazon Prime Gaming March 2022 Free Games

  • Crypto Against All Odds

  • LooK INside

  • Madden NFL 22 (redeemable via Origin)

  • Pesterquest

  • SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

  • Surviving Mars (redeemable via Epic Games)

  • The Stillness of the Wind

Amazon Prime Gaming February 2022 Free Games

  • As Far as the Eye

  • Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey

  • Double Kick Heroes

  • Golazo! Soccer League

  • Stellaris (redeemable via

Amazon Prime Gaming January 2022 Free Games